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The most detailed Korean dictionary: look up Korean words – Korean Korean dictionary – images – verbs conjugation – Romaji Dictionary – Examples

Korean is known for its extremely complex grammar, with many tenses and each with a different degree of intimacy/formalism. Verb conjugation is considered to be the most complicated part in Korean!

Jaemy Korean Dictionary allows you to look up verbs and verb conjugation quickly. You can easily check if a word is irregular.

Easily search by typing, draw, images, voice
Show related words/phrases when searching
Detailed search results: meaning of word, romaji, audio speaker, word type, detailed explanation in both English and Korean
✍ Vocabulary: Detailed explanations for each word
✍ Romaji: Easily learn pronunciation even if you are a novice
✍ Example: Know how to apply it in practice through easy-to-understand examples
✍ Illustrations: Memorize more quickly and deeply through images
✍ Open dictionary: Contribute and view comments on vocabulary from good users

Multidimensional Korean translation
Translate English into Korean
Translate Korean into English
Translation method: convenient typing, picture, voice, hand drawing

Basic, intermediate, and advanced Korean vocabulary
Korean vocabulary in Sejong textbook
Korean vocabulary by topic
Korean vocabulary about introduction, time, work, weather, etc
TOPIK 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 Vocabulary
Synthesize basic Korean vocabulary to advanced. Both looking up Korean and reviewing vocabulary, listening practice effectively. Learn Korean for beginners, self-learners.

Suggestions when looking up words
Open Dictionary
Notebook stores your words for easy review
Learning Help Community – simple Korean self-learning for newbies
Vocabulary everyday function
Learn vocabulary on the lock screen
Save history for review
Adjust font size, voice reading male/female
Positive member ratings: increased motivation to learn Korean

સૂર્યગ્રહણ દરમિયાન આ રાશિઓને થશે ભયંકર નુકસાન

સૂર્યગ્રહણ મચાવશે મોટી તબાહી? જાણો શું છે ભવિષ્યવાણી

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